Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Interview with Henry Rollins

This is an interview of Werner Herzog on Youtube from Henry Rollins' tv show that might give newcomers a glimpse of his attitude towards life, and his work. This was taped right after Grizzly Man had been overlooked in Academy award nominations for Best Documentary. Herzog discusses recognition by the studio systems, and explains success in terms of the enthusiasm in audiences viewing his work. The discussion shifts to one of my favorite themes in Herzog's films, ecstatic truth. That glimpse at illumination, that poetic, abstract elusive insight that art can give us when communicating that which is closest to our experience. Herzog then discusses shifting trends in our perceptions of reality including virtual reality, CGI, etc. Articulation of a reality in new terms that can enhance our perspectives in the world. Herzog hopes we are moving beyond Cinema Verite or Direct Cinema, and the illusion that we are capturing reality. For Herzog, these genre's proclaiming to record situations accurately, are nothing more than accountant's truths. Facts do not create truth/illumination. He considers Fitzcarraldo his best documentary, even though the film was completely scripted. Rollins asks him about how studio systems view the viability of his projects The discussions ends with a recounting of being shot during an interview with the BBC. A neat interview altogether.

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